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9. Troubleshooting

Denise December 26, 2009


If the lessons do not playback properly OR they do not load and start properly OR lesson playback stops before the lesson is completed OR any other problem occurs with lesson playback, please follow these instructions to resolve the problem.

Incorrect lesson playback is the only problem that occasionally occurs with our product. This is caused by the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin becoming corrupted. This DOES NOT mean that you have had a virus attack on your computer. There are several reasons that the Flash Player plugin can become corrupted that are beyond our control.

Please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser program to first confirm that these instructions have corrected the lesson playback before using other brands of browsers.

Print out this page and read all of these instruction steps before proceeding. These steps are ONLY for Microsoft Windows systems. If you have a Macintosh system and the lessons are not playing back properly and do not know how to reinstall the Flash player, please call us for assistance.

Step 1) CLICK HERE to start the Flash Player removal program. When you click the link a box will appear. Click the "OPEN" button to start the removal program.

Step 2) A box will appear that says "Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller". Click "Uninstall" button. When the removal program completes you will see a box that says "Flash player successfully uninstalled"

Step 3) Start the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and go to

Step 4) Scroll down until you see the Get Adobe Flash Player icon and click on it. Select the Agree and Install button.

Step 5) Once the download and install is complete, navigate back to our Member Login page. Before you login, please clear cache and cookies. Also, click on the browser refresh button.

Step 6) Now login and try the lesson again.
The above steps resolve 99% of the cases where lesson playback does not function properly. If you have completed the above steps and the lessons still do not play properly, then any of the following may be causing the problem:

Poor Internet Connection:

If your computer is connected using a wireless internet connection, connect the computer directly to the modem using a wire. Then try running the lessons again.

2) If your computer is connected using a dial up connection and the connection speed is slower than 50 kBps then the lessons may not playback correctly. We do not guarantee the program will always work properly on dial up connections that are less than 50 kBps. When connected to the internet, in the blue bar on the bottom right of your screen where the date and/or time is displayed, you should see an icon for your internet connection. Double click on that icon and a box will appear that will display your actual connection speed. Dial up connection speed vary each time you connect to the internet and can vary greatly based on the time of day.

Firewall Programs:

If you use a firewall program, turn of the firewall program and try running the lessons to see if the problem is resolved. This is a known problem that has occurred a few times.

Incorrect Browser Security and/or Privacy Settings:

Step 1)
From Microsoft Internet Explorer click on the "Tools" menu at the top and then click on "Internet Options". A box will appear.

Step 2) Click on the "Privacy" tab: If the "Default" button is not grayed out, click on it.

Step 3) Click on the "Security" tab: If the "Default" button is not grayed out, click on it.

Step 4)Click the "Apply" button. Then click the "OK" button.

Step 5) Try the lessons to see if playback is resolved.
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